Major improvements completed in 2016

Over the winter of 2015 -16, tremendous works were undertaken to improve the Dell.

These were all thanks to a grant from Bfffa Award and only make possible thanks to generous 3rd party funding from Camerons Stiff our super supportive local estate agents. Here's what we did.

Replacing a rotten play train with a new one as well as a teepee and Peter Pan totem poles


The children love them!

Horrid old laurels dug up, with new ornamental grasses


It was hard and delicate work requiring a skilled operator a rugby team -  Kilburn Cosmos - and, our very own gardening tem, but so worth it.  Of course the grasses are still quite small, but give it a couple of years and ... WOW ... it will look great.

And last ... but not least  Resurfacing


No more muddy feet. Compare and contrast the worn out old surface with the sparkling new one.

What a difference. What a team!

The Dell is closed on Monday mornings until 12.30pm for the gardening club.

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