Our Story

Mapesbury Dell looks fantastic now, but it used to be an unpleasant and desolate space, covered with graffiti, and only frequented by addicts and gangs.

In 2000, a few local residents decided that this green space, known at the time as the Hoveden Road Play Area, was too valuable to go to waste. With the full support of the Mapesbury Residents Association, here began the big campaign to transform the area into the beautiful park it deserved to be.

The original design

Mapesbury Dell Trust was formed and through lots of hard work (all voluntary), we managed to raise the £150,000 needed. A third of this came from the Lottery Fund. The rest from various other grants as well as the generous support of Brent Council.


Local residents and landscaping experts alike were consulted about the design, layout and usability of the Dell. Landscaping architects CMS Design Associates came up with the design based on this consultation.





Throughout 2005 the landscaping works were undertaken, finally finishing in November. 


Five years after the start of the campaign, Mapesbury Dell was officially opened on 4th November 2005 by conservationist and actor Bill Oddie in a grand ceremony, attended by hundreds of locals and quite a few dignitaries. The project was applauded as an example of how a local community can contribute to urban regeneration. It even featured on ITV News.


Although the Dell is owned by Brent Council, legal agreements were made for the future running of the Dell through a steering committee comprised of representatives of the Trust and Brent Parks and Brent Council entered a binding covenant ensuring that the Dell will be kept as a park for the next 80 years.

2005 - The Finished Works

The Dell is closed on Monday mornings until 12.30pm for the gardening club.

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Become a member of Mapesbury Dell Trust. It's free. It helps to support the Dell. You get to have your say about how the Dell is run and you get advance notice of what is happening in the Dell and invitations to events. Volunteer to help with the Gardening Team, Events or Projects. Tell us what you like about the Dell, how you think we can make it better and about any concerns you have. 


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