Our Aims

Busy Gardeners

The overall aim of Mapesbury Dell Trust is to keep Mapesbury Dell safe as a vibrant community asset for everyone. We keep the Dell in full use through Events, Projects and Activities. 


To achieve this, we work hard:

  • to maintain and improve the Dell so that it is a welcoming and pleasurable place for everyone.
  • to provide facilities for people of all ages and abilities - children, young adults, elderly folk, the disabled.
  • to educate visiting children about pond life, birds and nature in general!
  • to hold annual and other events to promote community awareness of the Dell, and to nurture community spirit and cooperation.
  • to involve as many local volunteers as possible in helping out, whether through the Gardening Club or particular events or projects.


As well as the obvious benefit to the community through its direct enjoyment of the park, we believe the Dell offers many hidden bonuses: 

  • an opportunity to forge stronger links between residents and locals by nurturing a sense of community and a sense of belonging to something rather special.
  • a reduction in criminal abuse.
  • stronger mental and physical health for our visitors.

Why it is so Worthwhile

Here's an email that the Trust received last year. It expresses the value of the Trust's work more eloquently than modesty would possibly allow us to do ourselves! 

The Dell is closed on Monday mornings until 12.30pm for the gardening club.

Join Up!

Become a member of Mapesbury Dell Trust. It's free. It helps to support the Dell. You get to have your say about how the Dell is run and you get advance notice of what is happening in the Dell and invitations to events. Volunteer to help with the Gardening Team, Events or Projects. Tell us what you like about the Dell, how you think we can make it better and about any concerns you have. 


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