Sunset Opera 2013

This was a first for the Dell, with live performances from some great opera singers for us all to enjoy. There were some wonderful interpretations of works by (among others) Britten, Debussy, Donizetti and Mozart. We have to thank all of our performers who worked so hard to make it happen. Most of all, we would like to thank the hundreds of people who came along to support the event. Without them, the very special atmosphere of the evening would have been wasted.

Everyone who came was enthralled. For some it was the very first time that they had ever seen or listened to live opera. But opera buffs and opera novices alike were entranced by the quality of the music. You only had to look at their faces.


Listen to the piece below to see for yourself.


Watch out, World of Opera! Probably the most appreciative audience there is lives in Cricklewood...

Raphael Stoker plays Debussy. Brilliant isn't he, even though the recording is lousy.  Watch this space for more videos from the Opera Evening. They are being edited at the moment.

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