Welcome to Mapesbury Dell
Welcome to Mapesbury Dell

Our Standing

Our Constitution and Membership

We are an unincorporated association - effectively a member's club. The formal name is Mapesbury Dell Trust. We are entirely voluntary, with no paid staff. It's just people from the community giving to the community.


The Trust is governed by a formal constitution and run by Trustees - The People - who are elected by its members each year.


There are about 400 members of the Trust, with more joining every day. You can become a member too:  How to get Involved.


The Trust's say-so over the Dell


Although the Dell is owned by Brent, there are formal legal agreements in place so that the Dell is run by the Trust in partnership with Brent. These give the Trust effective say-so over the running of the Dell.

Click on the diagram opposite for a simple view of how it all works.


If you want to explore the legal nitty gritty, please look at the Legal Documents and  Control of the Dell.

Gift Aid Registration

We are registered with HMRC for Gift Aid - reference  EW00811