Welcome to Mapesbury Dell
Welcome to Mapesbury Dell

Welcome to Mapesbury Dell!

EVENTS: Please note that while we want everyone to enjoy our lovely park, it is not permittedto hold an ‘event’ (gathering/party/picnic/etc.) of more than a few people, or where structures such as tables, chairs, gazebos, balloons are used or music/entertainment is involved. If you want to hold an ‘event’ in the Dell, you must get permission from Brent Council parks.service@brent.gov.uk and obtain the correct licenses that comply with health and safety laws. Please respect that the Dell is only a small pocket park, and gatherings of any sort can make regular park users feel excluded. You may wish to consider bigger parks in the area (Kilburn Grange Park, Queens Park, Gladstone Park, Roundwood Park) as a more suitable alternative. 


ALCOHOL: Mapesbury Dell is a family park, whose visitors are mainly children and their carers, so we kindly request that you do not consume alcohol, unless it is a public event organised by the Mapesbury Dell Trust, when the correct permissions have been obtained from Brent Council.


FOOTBALL: as the Dell is a small park, it is not always appropriate to kick a ball around. It can be dangerous for young children and it ruins the beautiful gardens and lawns, which our volunteers work so hard to look after. Please can parents encourage their children to respect the park and other park users and refrain from playing football at busy times, or when asked to. We trust our park users to use their initiative! 


DOGS: We love dogs, but they must be kept on a lead at all times and their poop disposed of.


Thank you for helping us look after Mapesbury Dell!



Mapesbury Dell Trust