Welcome to Mapesbury Dell
Welcome to Mapesbury Dell

Our Green Housekeeping Policies

The Trust believes that the Dell should be designed and maintained in a sustainable way. We have a 'Green Monitoring' Officer - Helena Negus - who is to see that, wherever practicable we comply with our policies. We aim to adhere to the following guiding principles:

  • Biodiversity The Trust seeks to increase the biodiversity of the site.We will seek to 

- remove invasive species, particularly alien introductions;
- increase the range of native species, particularly birds and amphibians and small mammals, including bats;

- create new habitats;

- monitor the biodiversity of the site in the future.

  • Materials We shall minimise the quantity of materials brought onto and removed from the site: 

- use the existing trees and plants so far as practicable; 
- maximise the use of found materials on-site and locally; 
- adopt a peat and other non-renewable resource free regime; 

  • Energy We seek to:

- exploit the use of 2nd hand materials; 
- maximise the use of renewable resources produced from sustainable sources;
 - minimise the use of non-renewable energy-intensive materials.

  • Transport We aim to reduce the environmental impact of the transport of materials and people to and from the site. We intend: 

- So far as practicable to use local suppliers and supplies; 
- publicise the garden as a local resource; - involve local schools in using the Dell as an environmental education resource;

- compost and re-cycle waste materials.

  • Publicity, Marketing and Administration Publicity, work materials and documents produced by the project should aim to reduce paper wastage by: 

- use of e-mail where possible; 
- use of duplex printing; - use ofre-cycled paper; 
- encouragement of the re-cycling of our printed materials.