Welcome to Mapesbury Dell
Welcome to Mapesbury Dell

Here's what we are planning for 2015

  • Replacement of  the rotting wooden play train in the Children's Play area
  • Renovatation and resurfacing of the gravel events area and pathways, which have just become muddy after 10 years of hard use
  • Planting a deliciously attractive bed full of ornamental grasses
  • Installation of fixed outdoor lighting for events* to make it easier to hold night-time events, like the Carols and Opera Evening

Fixing the Play Train, Re-surfacing etc. - a one minute survey wil help us get this done!

  • The beloved wooden play train in the children’s play area is woefully rotten and needs replacing.

  • The gravel events area and pathways are muddy and worn down after 10 years’ hard use and need renovating.

  • A new bed of ornamental grasses to replace the sad laurel bush would look fantastic

We’ve been invited to apply for a grant from BIFFA Award for these desperately needed projects,  but we have to demonstrate need and support from the community – i.e. YOU! We need a minimum of 500 participants in the following survey – it takes one minute and is super easy. Just click the link HERE and please spread the word! Responses must be in by 7th April. Thank you so much!

Mouldy and rotting play train
The Muddy and worn surface of the evensts area

* Great News. We've been awarded funding from the Lottery to install fixed lighting in the Dell. With a bit of luck it will be in place for the Midsummer Concert on Saturday 13th June.