Welcome to Mapesbury Dell
Welcome to Mapesbury Dell

Projects for 2013

Repairing the Pirate Ship, new children's tea table and Re-surfacing the Children's area

Loads of new Wildlife-friendly Plants

New paving slabs to save the worn out lawn under the benches

Removing the dangerous tree in the Gardening Club area

New Rose Garden

This bed doesn't look much now, but over the next week or so the Gardening Club will be planting it out with about twenty new rose bushes. Come summer, it will look spectacular.

If you'd like help with this project or find out more about the Gardening Club, just email jill.rixon@mapesbury-dell.org.

Replacing the worn out storage sheds

Leaky sheds - soon to be replaced

We have a grant to replace the leaky and inadequate storage sheds with something much better. Works are starting in April. One weekend we'll be laying the base, the following weekend building the sheds. Once they are built we'll have to re-connect the electricity, build shelves and fit them out. The project is being organised by Tom Putnam, so if you're prepared to give a little of your time to lend a hand, please contact him by telephone 07973 463461 or by email tom.putnam@mapesbury-dell.org

Repairing the Pirate Ship

The Pirate ship is coming up for eight years old and unfortunately is starting to crumble. It needs some serious repair work. We think that this should be done by a professional. It's not really a job for volunteers, because we need to be sure that the work is done safely and properly. We have an estimate of £3,000 odd for the works and we are applying for funding to get them done.

Re-surfacing with 'Soft-Mulch'

Brent has obtained funding to replace the worn grass surface around the pirate ship with a safety surface and to renovate the paths in the children's area. The present plan is to lay 'soft-mulch', which is a bonded rubberised surface made from shredded old car tyres. It is eco friendly, lasts for a long time and looks good - like a bark mulch. We can get it in almost any colour, but we are thinking that it might be ocean blue around the ship, with a sandy colour for the rest. We are currently seeking quotes and hope that these will fit in with Brent's budget. This picture gives you an idea what it will be like - but we won't be choosing that colour!

Re-felting the Clubhouse Roof

Emergency repairs to the clubhouse in the pouring rain

The felt on the clubhouse roof blew off during a storm this February. Although Tom Jackson did an admirable temporary fix in the pouring rain, it really needs to have another layer of felt over the top. This is a project for warmer weather. Let tom.putnam@mapesbury-dell.org know if you'd like to help with this one.